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This is an article about “How not to bake a Pudding”. This is an article about getting the ingredients and wishing the oven made the pudding for you. Proceed with caution

A few months ago, overtaken by a gush of motivation, I decided to buy a diary. I am not very sure whether it was my last attempt to rein my wandering mind and dictate it to work or was it just mere love for fancy stationery. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and flout Ellen Langer’s (the lady who coined and conceptualized “Illusion of control”) wisdom. Every morning I would write all the things I wish to accomplish in a day. The list had an amalgamation of personal and professional milestones set at the beginning of each day. …

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Having been an ardent reader of her columns, I knew exactly I had to expect from this book. Halfway through the book, I knew my expectations were misplaced.In a way the book and the anecdotes EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.

The author describes her rendezvous with 15 iconic places of worship and tries to understand the nexus between faith and life. She has written this with an open mind. Although seemingly she does not subscribe to certain ideas but she keeps her mind open to learning. She tries her best to find out what people believe in something the way they do. She dissects the believe system and injects rationale which makes a lot of sense. …

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A good time to be a Girl — begins with the Author’s personal memoir of how her career took turns solely because of her own decisions. She outlines some valuable lessons on how to excel at workplace and what are the true corporate virtues to make your voice heard. The book covers some vocal and some “elephants in the room” when we talk about diversity and excellence at workplace. Starting from her 30% club to how CEO thinks and how they should, Helena Morrissey has won hearts and gained nemeses simultaneously

One of the Chapters titled “Men Women Equal Different” explores the inherent differences in the psychology and attributes the same to their decision-making abilities. Many seasoned corporations, start-ups and small businesses commit the basic folly of setting wrong expectations from gender diversity. They see to inculcate diversity in their corporate value system but peg both the genders on similar levels of expectations in terms of decision-making output. The write beautifully brings out the essence of these differences and how Diverse though process in a team often offsets some major unforeseen blunders,

For example — The author quotes the example of Financial Market traders of the 1990s. John Coats, a trader observed how a group of male traders fell prey to the domino effect of risk taking in the trading floor. When they made above average profit, the increased levels of testosterone made them bid too high leading to a series of irrational decision making. Therefore, he suggests that its only prudent to hire women to offset this “Winner effect” because they barely indulge in the…

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When the veterans in the business world preached about building a product that can keep up with the boom and bust, they probably meant to make the product as versatile as possible. Brands try hard to keep their products relevant in the face of dynamism (fiercer than ever). In fact an Article on Harvard Business Review states that companies lose as much as $1 trillion in annual revenue in order to stay relevant.

More on building Relevant Product — HBR on staying relevant

But is building a versatile product with a million utility enough to keep it agile on the shelves? …


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I am going to tell you a brief story till I have your attention on the bigger picture.

I woke up early on a Sunday morning, incidentally to catch up on the assignments that were due on Monday. I may have procrastinated more than necessary and thus the avalanche is here to haunt on a day that should have been my “4th Of July”. That’s it. This is my tragic story. The epilogue however spans more volumes than the story.

I sat thinking about my ordeal for long enough. A lot of us (almost all of us) spend Sunday mentally preparing for Monday. It is funny how the only day that should have been spent on leisure, is indeed spent grousing about how difficult the week is going to be. Infact, there is an article that says, almost 80% of us experience elevated anxiety in the anticipation of Monday. If you think I am just being too morose , take a look at this study on how Sleepy Judge Talks About Sunday Scaries. …

What’s In a Name?

The fancy names always have lent extra appetite for our favourite cuisines. And as they say, “Everything happens for a reason”, we bring you some solid reasoning behind the naming of some of the iconic dishes. We bring you the interesting history behind the etymology of 5 iconic dishes.

  1. Barbecue
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The history behind this etymology is very vast. The light thrown on the French origin states that the name is derived from the combination of two French words for beard and tail, “barbe” and “queue”. Supposedly it means that a dish prepared this way was cooked throughout the length. It is said that the combination is meant to refer to roasting a pig when you cook it from its top (beard) to its tail. But a majority of the sources claim that the name is derived from the Carribean word “Barbacoa” which originally refers to the wooden structure used to cook food. …

The “Not To-Do” List.

Fun/Quirky/Strange things which you should not do while eating in different states of India.


Indian Cuisine, besides reflecting a rich culture, also is a means of recreation. Indulging in a sumptuous meal with companions is one of the few things people love to do. We love to gossip, laugh, and share information over a meal. So let’s say you are a traveller who decides to tour the country to taste the different cuisines. This article will guide you about what you must not do during a meal in different regions. So keep your quirky food habits and curiosity in pockets. …

Economics? Psychology?

FOR BEGINNERS: Economics can be described as the science of observation. A science which is not very different from Psychology.

The most interesting Aspect of Economics is how it bases broad theories on careful observations of a phenomenon. More importantly, there is always an underlying nexus between Human behavior and Economic Theories. Two most Interesting theories that I have come across are as follows.

  1. Beggar Thy Neighbour
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Quite a sacrilegious phrase, isn’t it?

In Economics, Beggar Thy Neighbour is the policy which nations adopt ,to stabilize the economic vagaries at the expense of another country. In International Trade parlance, this theory basically refers to a scenario where a country seeks to bolster its Trade Policy while harming its neighbors or trade partners. This policy approach stems from desperate measures to recover from acute unemployment or conditions like Prolonged Depressions. The basic idea is to increase the demand for a nation’s exports while reducing reliance on imports. Recent Example of this can be seen in the United States when Protectionism is slowing creeping in with Trump’s “America First” Policy and its ongoing trade war with China. …


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Sure, darkness is the absence of light,
but it is under the most resplendent gleam, that we have all cried.
When the brain cannot (or chooses not to) hear the heart’s plight,
because it is the darkest in those corners of your brain where all the human vices reside.

Thinking is easy. Overthinking is easier and brooding is the easiest of all. It is when the brain engages in, what I call, “draining thoughts” that the process of an ideal perception is blocked. All the happiness that floats around us is of little or no value if we are unable to perceive it. Hence, what happens around us is sometimes altogether different from what happens within us. …

Overestimating the power of Experience.

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There is no denying that our parents mean well for us.They mostly guide us through our decision making process. More often than not, the guidance is majorly based on their learning and experiences.Their past experiences are sometimes an everlasting punishment , not just for them but for us too. I want you to consider this perspective with an open mind with a thorough understanding that I don’t mean to be curt and disrespectful here.

While making crucial career decisions, often the past experiences of our parents or of anyone remotely related to them is a major factor that we are told we ought to consider. …


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